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icons and banners

[7] Models
[12] Skins + 4 banners
[5] Muse 
[8] Foo fighters












Please comment if taking 
Credit Lilybellz @ wheniblackout
Friend wheniblackout for updates? I'm going to take requests soon :)

Tags: foo fighters, models, muse, skins
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*Snags 10* Thank you! =)

No problem :)
wow, the skins icons and cassie banners are GORGEOUS. saving practically all of them; thank you so much for sharing!
Thanks! :D
beautiful, taking 21 and 22.
Thank you :)


10 years ago

ah! the banners are to die for!
Thank you icon queen! :O Glad you like em:P
Love your style! Have taken #10 with credit, thank you! :D
Thank you :D
Took #14 and 23. Love SKins ans Matt Bellamy. *G*
Thanks! :))))
Taking #14 with glee! Thanks!
Hehe! Thanks!
taking number 14 i think
thx a lot i'll credit ^^
Thanks :) Enjoy :)
Lovely work. Taking some Foo icons.
Will credit. Thanks! :)
Grabbed some of the muse icons. Love them! Will credit.
nice work, nabbed a few of the Foo ones and will credit, cheers